solaya offers inclusive, accessible and supportive yoga

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solaya yoga
is committed to

offering guidance through ancient yogic techniques and philosophies from the yoga tradition

exploring the wholeness of the yoga tradition 

offering yoga that is inclusive, accessible and supportive to each unique individual

private yoga therapy

community yoga

☼ available in person (sooke, bc)
☼ available on zoom (anywhere)

we'll work together to address your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing, as well as your personal goals - exploring the sacred tools of yoga.

unveil your true nature –
an already whole and free being. 

* no prior yoga experience necessary

☼ weekly at seaparc (sooke, bc)
☼ available in your space (south vancouver island)
☼ available on zoom (anywhere)

we'll explore an accessible yoga practice collectively.
trauma-informed with mindful language.

* no prior yoga experience necessary

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