meet jenn

jenn shares authentic yoga practices from the wholeness of the yoga tradition and facilitates and empowers individuals’ in gentle transformation, as they unveil awareness to illuminate the limitless and steady abode within.

jenn's approach is individualized, trauma-informed, inclusive and therapeutically-based. 


Therapeutic yoga


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as you are

Therapeutic yoga addresses the unique needs and goals of a whole individual – physically, mentally and emotionally – utilizing tools from the yogic tradition, to find more ease, deeper connection and an overall increased wellbeing.

"I have had the privilege of working with and being taught by Jenn for a few months now.  I was actively searching a teacher that could understand my need for both the physical but more so the mental aspects of yoga.  It is very important to me to understand the teachings and history of something much older than myself and Jenn has been a wealth of knowledge that has exceeded my expectations."

"Jenn is one of a kind! She’s beautiful inside and out and her yoga teachings reflect this. Jenn has a very in-depth understanding of the roots of yoga and I love that she incorporates it into her classes. She has a wonderful soul and I can’t wait to continue to join her classes."

"Solaya yoga provides a safe space to connect with yourself and others around you. I completed a 7-week Chakra series and left feeling stronger both physically and mentally. Jenn always provides different levels to each pose so you feel challenged each week. She has a deep understanding of the foundations of Yoga Therapy and is always eager to share her knowledge to anyone who is curious. I highly recommend taking any classes at Solaya yoga!"

"Solaya is truly wonderful. Jenn cares so much about every single moment of everyone’s practice in her class. It’s always soothing and rejuvenating throughout every session. She always provides levels for every pose, where you can challenge yourself or stay in a safe space. Her classes are so comforting and inviting. Highly recommend joining for any therapeutic classes she provides."

"jenn at solaya yoga is an amazing teacher. i take private yoga therapy with her to address a number of physical difficulties including arthritis and scoliosis. she is kind and insightful, always leaving me feeling enriched in both body and soul. her personalized private classes have been an absolute game changer for me. i highly recommend reaching out to her if you feel like you would benefit."

Vancouver Island  • British Columbia

672 974 1111